Mothers of Wartime

„Mothers of Wartime” (2022)

Millions of refugees, deaths, bombed houses, destroyed cities, drama, despair, bestiality, and extermination - all that comes with war and was brought by Russia to Ukraine.


„Mothers of Wartime” is a documentary series by TVP Kobieta dedicated to women who escaped from war-torn Ukraine. The host of the series is the renowned journalist Marta Manowska, who specializes in conducting conversations on the most difficult and personal topics.

1,200 women and children who fled from Ukraine found refuge in a holiday resort in Sielpia, Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. Despite the best conditions for refugees in the resort, the trauma of war and the drama of death still dominate their daily lives. How can they live when their thoughts are still tormented by the fear of losing their loved ones who have stayed in Ukraine - parents, husbands, brothers, and fathers? Marta Manowska meets Ukrainian women and their children who share with her stories about what they experienced during the war in Ukraine, and how they escaped from bombs by seeking shelter in cellars or the subway. The refugees tell about the cruelty of the Russians, which they saw with their own eyes.

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